Who needs tips to annoy someone?

1.If you’re reading a book and the person next to you is asking annoying question or is just so annoying like hell, just ignore them and see how they will react! 2.If the annoying somebody is talking, then just don’t look interested in what their saying.

3.You have invited your companion to your house, and he/she is driving you mad, she/he is sleeping over, here is what to do, if you have other friends over and your annoying friend is on the toilet, make sure:

3a: a friend is there to buy you some time 3b: hide all the party food in a place she/he will never find it in (example: cupboard?) 3c: give her/him sweets that she/he doesn’t like.

  1. If you are in the street, and you see her/him walking down on the other side of the pavement, then just call her/his name (make sure its not noisy, maybe follow her/him) call his/her name the hide, check if she/he looked back and when she/he looks away, call her/him again. keep doing that until you get bored!

what do you think of my ideas?

Answer #1

What do I think ? - if you’re the type of person who enjoys ‘getting revenge’ or maintaining a vengeful attitude, your ideas would appeal - they do not appeal to me at all - a positive attitude lends itself to being much happier and more successful in life…Take care !!

Answer #2

Sounds like you may have too much time on your hands. :)

Answer #3

oh Bloody wingdings!!

Answer #4

I hope your not planning on annoying me!


Answer #5

I agree with the girl above me, but this makes me laugh too. =)

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