What tips/support can you offer me about my boyfriend managing his life threatening condition better?

My boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and has been having a lot of complications with it recently. He is only 23 years old and im scared that if we don’t get his condition under control soon the wrost may happen. In the last 8 months he has had 7 seizures due to extremely low blood sugars, has been in the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis, (his blood sugars were extremely high) which can both cause death or coma. He is developing nerve damage in his arms/hands, his vision has worsened a lot. He has been on a waiting list for ct scan for 6 months now! Im just at the point where i don’t know what to do. He is stubborn and refuses to even monitor his blood sugar because he thinks its not going to make a difference, says things like “he’s going to die young anyway.” Im terrified to lose him, he’s the guy i want to spend the rest of my life with. He hasn’t seen his endocrinologist in a long time (long past due) and won’t go because he’s scared to hear what they will say. Last time they informed him he probably won’t make it to 30 years old. Can this be true?! Please somebody give me some advice. What should he do…

Answer #1

It sounds like he’s given in because he’s battling with some inner turmoil. Unless he can get his depression under control, then there’s nothing that can be done about improving his health. I’d advise you to get him into therapy so he can work through the underlying emotional problems.

Answer #2

I agree. He needs to talk it out and accept what’s going on in his body before he can come to terms and try to help himself and get better.

Answer #3

okay thank you im know that, but im more or less looking for advice from someone who has personally experienced this or known someone who has suffered from diabetes and can off me advice on better management. The depression part i can handle, managing the disease is what i need help with.

Thanks anyways.

Answer #4

p.s its a life long disease, he can’t “try to get better”

Answer #5

Well, he HAS to monitor his sugar levels…every diabetic knows that…..He can’t be eating sugar, either. He needs to keep his weight down as well.

You’d think that the Dr.’s would see that he’s not in very good shape, and even with National Health, would speed up the CT scan a tad….6 months would be unheard of here.

Now…the hard part? You can’t MAKE him do anything, and men are notoriously difficult when it comes to medical situations (I think that may be why they die earlier)….You can try an ultimatum…..but be prepared to back it up. He’s being inconsiderate, and selfish…..


Answer #6

I’m very sorry. Stay strong. Tell him to keep focus on the better things in life. Like his family, girlfriend, anything.

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