What are some tips for shaving my vagina?

Any one have tips for shaving my vagina?

Answer #1

dont stretch the skin to get a close shave because ingrown hairs occur use shaving cream and wash out raise with each stroke of shavin also bikinizone works soooo good !

Answer #2

Make sure that you don’t go against the growth of the hair, always go down (no pun intended). Use a mirror if you need too. There is a gel called “bikinizone” that works wonders. I get mine at walmart, about $3. Go very slow.

Answer #3

Take your time and use shave gel. Be careful, as the skin is sensitive down there. You may develop razor burn which can be itchy and sore, so make sure that your razor is wet while you shave.

Answer #4

be carefull and dont hurt ur self.

Answer #5

hun, be careful.. dont cut yourself and use shaving cream.

Answer #6

exfoliate after shaving, or a cheap trick rub deodorant on. it helps reduce razor burn, or shave bumps…

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