Tight chest and difficulty breathing.

Okay so recently (the past few weeks) I’ve been getting random problems breathing and my chest feels tight.

It doesn’t have a pattern or it doesn’t appear to, it just comes on throughout the day.

I’ve tried telling my mam and dad and theyre saying its nothing to be worried about and it’ll go away, and tbh don’t seem very bothered.

What do you think it could be?

Answer #1

I Had something like this last year, I fell off my friends horse and when I tried to get up I got a shooting pain up my back, being scared [as I’ve broken the side of my back before and this was my spine I had a pain up] I let myself fall back to the floor as I didnt want to do any more damage by moving, and I fell face first in the sand and swallowed a lot, leading me to believe it was an infection, I went to the doctors and even ended up having paramedics out during one attack but because there was no pattern, it wasnt muscular or anything as when it wasnt happening I felt perfectly fine and had no pain at all, and by the time I I coudl get to a hospital or the paramedics arrived, it had stopped and as I say I felt perfectly fine, the only way I can describe it was it was as if I had strings in the inside of my ribs being tightening too much and it was pulling my ribs in, and I coudlnt breathe. I dont have them as bad anymore, sometimes I have a bit of tightness but after a really bad attack where I was screaming in agony on the floor and my neighborcalled the paramedics I havent had any more.

One thing though, the first time it happened to me I thought I was dieing of a heart attack which DID NOT help as it sent me into a panic attack too which made it a million times worse, just lie back, close yoru eyes and try and breathe deeply, you might look like your giving birth [I did aparently loll] but hey, it does help.

one thing my doctor did say was that, even though he couldnt say for definate as he hadnt seen me have one, is that a lot of teenage girls get this infection which causes this but its perfectly harmless and will go away.

Hope this helps!

Answer #2

You could be suffering from mild anxiety attacks. I get them, I Usually have a hard time breathing, accompanied by a stomach ach. (I usually get a bad stomach ach right before I have one) But I guess It differs for everyone. I’d say if It keeps up, Your best bet is to talk to a doctor and find out what it really is.

Answer #3

could be anything.

Could just be something that will go after a while.

Could be asthma..does it happen after exercise?? or when thereas dust around or strong smell (perfume/deodrant etc)

hope everything alright. If you are REALLY worried then go to the doctor bout it

Answer #4

Its not specifically after exercise, like today in school I was just sitting then I just suddenly felt I couldn’t breathe :/

Answer #5

It could be anxiety or you might just have gas. The best thing to take for that is Phayzme. Gas can make your chest hurt.

I think you would know if you had anxiety, but you may be having a Panic attack, which comes from anxiety. I’ve, actually, sent myself to the hospital before because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was really hyperventilating as I was reading the symptoms of a panic attack.

The ER doctor checked my heart and finally told me to stop reading about symptoms, gave me a Valium and sent me home.

If the pain happens a lot, maybe you should get a check up, just to make sure that it’s not your heart.

Answer #6

It might simply be growing pains.

If you’re still in school, check with your school nurse.

Answer #7

Go to the doctor

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