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Breathing Difficulties

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I have been having breathing problems for like over 3 weeks now.. yesterday it got so bad at school that my guidance teacher had to call an ambulance for me.. I felt dizzy, breathless,numb hands,pins and needles in my hands, Spazm of my left hand, shaking, sweating etc..and well when the paramedics arived they told me I had an anxiety attack but I dont think it was. I mean some of it probably was but thats only because I was freaking out because I couldnt breathe..and I really should hve gone to the hospital with them but I refused a the time because I was scared..

Today I feel REALLY bad again..the bottom of my chest feels like theres something pushing down on it..I was going to leave it til Monday(if it doesnt get any worst) and then go to hospital or something but will that just be stupid to get them called out again in like the space of 2days..(1 school day)

I am also on steroids because of the breathing problems but the doctors dont even know whats wrong eith me..they just put me on the steroids to see if it would help me..

I really think theres something seriously wrong and im terrified..