Throat infection, white bumps.

Two days ago I woke up with an extremely sore throat. I could hardly breath and I was coughing like crazy. Things haven't gotten better drinking water helps calm my throat but now my eyes burn too but I don't have a temp. I havent gone to the doctor but I've been taking cold meds from walmart. This after noon white bumps have appeared at the back of my throat. Now is that a good sign that the infection is breaking up..or is this a bad sign? thanks

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I've had strep throat 9 times before I got surgery. I'm not a doctor but you do have strep throat. go to your doctor they will give you antibiotics to help get over it. in the mean time ice chips, Popsicle, frozen juice that has been crushed will help sooth your throat to make it easier to eat

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it could mean strep throat the bumps. you also probelly have a sinus infection or broncitious or the flu so you should go 2 the docto. it kinda sounds like what I just had but I had it a lot worse and now im on 7 antibiotics and all this other junk so go 2 the doc!!!

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sounds like strep throat

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