Why my throat hurts when I smoke?

this didnt use to happen before..

Answer #1

You shouldn’t even be smoking at your age. I wonder if your parents know, what would THEY do if they found out.

Answer #2

The longer you smoke the more this will happen and the more painful it will be. What do you think would happen when your constantly inhaling and exhaling smoke, chemicals, tar, etc. Its not healthy and sore throats in the morning are just the start. Quit now while your young before its too late

Answer #3

that doesnt really answer my question..thanks for your un helpful life lesson

Answer #4

Humm, mine does that from time to time, does it usually happen after you have smoked more than usual? I know that after a night out my throat kills… just cool it down a little and it should ease off. Thats not to say quit, just if it hurts try reduce. That’s what i do and it helps.

Answer #5

it doesnt hurt on the regular bases its just today when i was smoking it hurt alot and its the first time it happens..yeah i smoked 2 cigarettes in a row and i dont tend to do that but i haven’t smoked in 2 days and one didnt just do it

Answer #6

Ah well just ease off and go easy for the next day or two and it will ease off, it started happening to me about 6mths ago i guess its a sign i should give up, but i’ll deal with it. If it carries on go see a doctor, as you could have a throat infection, which is being irritated by the smoke.

Answer #7

Sorry. If it’s hurting your throat, especially at a young age, try your best to quit before you hurt your body even more. I know it’s hard to quit. Admit to yourself you have a problem, and try to resist the urge of grabbing a cigarette or even buying one.

I don’t know much about smoking seeing I’m not one, I did my best.

Answer #8

It because the smoke is burning your throat. One of the things they also don’t advertise or warn smokers against is throat cancer. That is one of the worst ones to have (very bad for cancer).

I suggest to stop smoking, this isn’t going to go away regardless of how you inhale the smoke.

Answer #9


Answer #10

Because the smoke, and all the chemicals are burning and irritating your throat, of course.

Answer #11

Your throat hurts when you smoke because you are damaging the tissues in your throat. Over time, cellular changes are occurring that eventually are likely to lead to precancerous transformations and possibly cancer. The microscopic hairs in the cells lining your throat and windpipe (“cilia”) are necessary for removing particles and killed germs, etc. out of your lungs and up to where you can cough it out. You are destroying those cilia and the tar, particles and toxins are not able to be removed, so irritation and inflammation results. Really, is this a serious question? What do you think happens when you inhale smoke? It irritates! I quit smoking 20 months ago after smoking 2 packs or more per day for 30 years. You can do it, too, and I hope you will. Otherwise, you might be dead from emphysema or cancer before you are 25.

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