What could i do to help my throat ?

my mom said it was drainage from allergies but idk im not even sure i have allergies but my throat hurts and so does my head but my head hurts mostly when i stand up or sit but i have been taking my moms allergie medication i think its called loratadine and benadryl and also tylenol but they dont help my throats been hurting sense sunday night and my head started hurting like last night and people are always so loud at school so it hurts my head more so if u hav any idea what i have tell what it is and how i can get rid of it so what can i do to help my throat and headaces?

Answer #1

I hope you’re not taking prescription medication that wasnt prescribed to you. Drink some tea.

Answer #2

You certainly need to see a doctor. Your symptoms may have started out as allergies but it sounds like you have a sinus infection now (being stopped up from allergies sometimes leads to infection). Best thing you can do on your own is rinse your sinuses with salt water using a neti pot or large syringe but it sounds like you are at the point where you will need antibiotics.

Answer #3

Make some tea! Make sure its really hot then squirt some lemon and some honey. It taste yucky but that shall sooth it.

Answer #4

yeah you should go to a doctor,but in the meantime drinking lemon juice helps, gargling with salt water, and drinking hot water (as hot as you can stand swallowing)

Hope u get better :)

Answer #5

take a nice relaxing shower you’ll feel allot better. drink some tea and if these are ongoing pains u may want to convince ur mom to take you to the doctor

Answer #6

tea. :D

Answer #7


Answer #8

Follow the above advice. It sounds like you have an infection and not just a simple cold anymore and would need anti biotics.

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