How to help the blisters in my throat?

Well its 11pm and nothing is open around here to get medication... my throat is sore from being sick, and I have blisters in the back of my throat! What can I do! Gargling salt doesnt work so dont say that one lol...

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well blisters on the back of your throat is a big sign a mono, so you should really go to your doctor and ask him about it. if it is mono you'll need a lot a bed rest and have to drink lots of liquids. there is no cure, so you're just going to have to wait it out. mono should go away in about 3-5 days, but you can't kiss or share drinks with anyone for about 2 weeks after the sickness is over, because it's highly contagious and spread through saliva. trust me I know it sucks, I had mono a few weeks ago :]

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you dont have no all night walgreens or walmart??? you could go get some Zinc drops to suck on, or do you have an 24hr grocery store to get some lemons to make some lemon and honey tea? Or you could do what I do, its a jamaican remedy, it works, go get some jamaican rum mix it with your favorite tea and it will knock you out and you will feel like a new person when you wake up

Why does gargling salt water help a sore throat?

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gargle salt WATER that will work for 2-3 minutes

What helps a sore throat?
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I've already had mono like 3 years ago! I wouldnt be out of bed if I had mono.. so its not that...

What can I take to help my throat?

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gargle salt water it will releive the pain for just about 2-4 minutes

Help me pleaseee, My throat itches :(

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