Thoughts on immortality!

Im curious bout peoples thoughts on immortality??? What do you think good, bad??? Personally I would love to live forever, the things I could do and see, for I fear the end of my everything, death, it frigtens me so much that I will just be nothing! How about you guys???

Answer #1

I do not want to live forever- physically- however I would love for my name and artwork to continue on forever- I would be remembered that way.

nope- when my time is up- I’m going.

Answer #2

yes, the death of all the people I love would kill me inside! but… well I havent really got a but, except it is my dream to be immortal, have special powers.


like thats even going to happen sigh

Answer #3

imortality is impossible because everything living dies at some point if not from old age then from something else living forever is really a horrible thought to be there for the death of everyone around you, to witness all the wars, natural disaters, ect no one really wnats to live through that unless they have a heart of stone because if it was even possible after a while people would die on the inside and realise that they made the wrong choice because everything and everyone would be dying around them

Answer #4

only if I wasnt the only one, no way am I going to put myself through seeing everyone else I love die… id rather die first.

death is a part of life and the only certain thing in life, is death. sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you can start living your life while you have it.

Answer #5

I hope you all die…eventually.

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