Cant a postive thing happen from something horrible as slavery?

I dont believe in slavery so dont think I am asking this because I believe in it.

Ok people are created thru their parents. So if your parents didnt exist then you would not exist. So if slavery in the south did not exist all the African-Americans here in the US would not have existed and I would not have had the pleasure of ever knowing and becoming friends with many African-Americans.

Oprah WInfrey would not be here, Bill Cosby, David Paterson, (just to name a few) etc would not be here.

So my question: Cant a postive thing happen from something horrible as slavery?

Answer #1

my family is jewish and all of my relatives that remained in germany and poland died in bergin belsen and auschwitz. don’t forget, as many do, that gypsies and members of other political, religious (jehovah’s witnesses), social, and ethnic groups including non-Jews were also killed in these camps, including many gentile Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, homosexuals. most historians add another 4 million for these deaths. it wasn’t just 6million jews.

and as for the state of israel, born as a wonderful result of the holocaust… please brush up on your history. the modern state of Israel has its roots in the land of israel, a concept central to judaism for over three thousand years. it wasn’t an idea that sprang to light after the holocaust. jews living in the diaspora have long aspired to return to zion and the land of israel. that hope and yearning was articulated in the bible and is a central theme in the jewish prayer book. beginning in the twelfth century, a small but steady stream of jews began to leave europe to settle in the holy land, increasing in numbers after jews were expelled from spain in 1492. during the 16th century large communities struck roots in the four holy cities, and in the second half of the 18th century, entire hasidic communities from eastern europe settled in the holy land. in 1896, theodor herzl published der judenstaat (the jewish state), offering his vision of a future state; the following year he presided over the first world zionist congress.

in 1922, the league of nations granted great britain a mandate over palestine for the express purpose of “placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the jewish national home”. the populations of the ottoman districts in the area at this time were predominantly muslim arabs, while the largest urban area in the region, jerusalem, was predominantly jewish.

hmm…so, there was already a mandate in place for the formation of a jewish state in 1922…17 years BEFORE germany invaded poland in 1939. and there were jews in jerusalem that had begun their migration dating back to the 12th century…

after WWII, when many countries were turning away the survivors of the holocaust, a movement was started to bring the jews to palestine. the state of israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948.

and you believe that an idea that is the very foundation of the jewish hope for over 3,000 years and had migration that started in the 12th century was born out of the holocaust…

what is the positive for the non-jews killed in the holocaust? the gypsies, the infirmed, the mentally handicapped, etc. the OTHER 4 million killed. or do they not count?

I do not practice judaism any longer but I remember my history from saturday school and I know that israel was a hope that would have been answered with or without the holocaust.

Answer #2

yes, too bad they were stolen away from their homeland, whipped and beaten into submission, forced into ships (where most died) taken to a land where they were also beaten, whipped, and killed, sold as if they were cattle becoming the property of their owners, removed from their relatives, stripped of any human rights, denied freedom, denied the right to read and write, forced to work in the houses and fields of their owners, etc… all so that you could have “the pleasure of ever knowing and becoming friends with many African-Americans.” gee, I guess some good does come from everything. and I am sure the african-americans that you are friends with would do it all again just for the privilege of being your friend.

now, let’s move on to all the “good things” that were a result of the holocaust…

Answer #3

Positive thinking, I understand where your coming from, but in order for something positive to come from slavery more African Americans have to start working together regardless of economic status. I’m located in California where the statistics of brothas killing brothas is tremendous. We have high rate of repeat offenders who’s unable to feed their families after paying for their crime. I understand that only specific crimes are unable to expunge, but several felons are eledigable. Like I tell people their probation or parole officer will tell you how quick they will violate you, but won’t tell you how to clean this crime off your history, and act surprised when you ask. Funny! Its time we become educated and aware and work at what need to be done for economic empowerment within my community, which is worldwide.

Brothas and Sistas, a multi-functional community center!

Answer #4

well, everything has good and bad effects to it so yes, slavery also brought the US to one of the top economical countrys in the eighteenth century and helped amend constitutional and civil rights positive things come from many bad things, its like people say what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger even the holocaust had SOME good effects it was terrible and I had family die in it but it helped to invent new technologies and started revolutions and many many other advances all over the world some things are horrible and should have never occured but people learn from past mistakes

Answer #5

yep, you get to have really good african-american friends and we can be entertained by oprah AND bill cosby. sorry…you are truly ignorant, self-absorbed and show a tremendous lack of empathy and sympathy for others. when I read your question and answer, I thought you MUST be a pre-teen. I visited your bio and imagine my surprise to see that you were born in 1955. a more mature person would realize that there are many, many horrible things that do not have a positive side.

Answer #6

that is because you are a negative individual. I lost people in the holocaust and that was horrible - 6 million killed. However, out of that Israel was born. Every thing has a positive.

Yes it is still mans inhumanity to man, and yes there are lessons to be learned but there are always postives out of negatives.

Answer #7

Well, I’ll admit that my first thought was yes, something positive can happen because I know lots of great people that I never would have known had slavery not happened. And that is a positive thing for me because my life is richer for knowing these people. However, the ends don’t justify the means. If I could go back in time and make the choice to either a) keep slavery from ever happening in America, or b) let it happen so I can know some cool people later on, then of course I would prevent it from happening. Slavery can never be justiifed just as the holocaust can never be justified.

I hope I’m wording this so that my meaning is clear. I’m sure I’ll hear from someone if it’s not.

In a nutshell: yes, good can come from bad things but that is no excuse to do a bad thing and no reason to excuse a bad thing already done.

Answer #8

amoeba - I did not mean it the way you took it. I am just trying to look at it in a postive light. Slavery is horrible and it is horrible the way African-Americans were treated. But there is a postive side

Answer #9

How the fck can you NOT BELIEVE IN SLAVERY? It’s not like slavery is like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Hahaha! I don’t believ ein New York City or the Oakland Raiders or water…Dumdss.

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