who thinks its wrong to date through internet??

Answer #1

I don’t think its wrong just weird b/c u really dont know the perverts out there these days! but then again theres alot of ppl out there doing it and how could u really ever buld a trusting bond theres alot to sit back in think about it b4 doing s0

Answer #2

depends, if you were with that person in real life and one of you moved, that being the only communication, its alright. But just “dating” a random guy through the web, u dont know them, u havent seen them so you dont know. Either way i wont do it! haha

Answer #3

but an exception is probably like e harmony or something, because its for adults and they are in you reign, again though you dont know them until you see them

Answer #4

Not necessarily wrong at all. Some relationships do work (stuff I have read online) and others have bombed. Personally to date someone online wouldn’t be ideal for me as I like to meet potentional bf who my friends, or work colleagues knows or someone in my family knows him (maybe it’s a safety issues or concern from my part)…………Making friends with people is a totally different story, especially if you click with someone who is fun and outgoing, it would awesome to catch up over drinks, There a probablly 6 people from FA who I would love to meet one day and they live in US :)

Answer #5

It’s not ‘wrong’, I just think people need to be careful over the internet. I personally don;t think that cyber relationships can last very long as humans need physical contact over time.

Answer #6

well just becarful you never know who is behind the pc

Answer #7

I don’t think it’s wrong if you know for a fact that that person is who they say they are. I’ve been dating the same guy online for almost two years now. We’ve never met, but I know for a fact he’s who he says he is. It was stupid on my part to talk to somebody online considering it isn’t the things I usually do, but I don’t regret it. Sometimes it’s hard having a long distance relationship with somebody you want to meet so more than anything, but he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. We’re young now, but we’re going to meet in a few years and it’ll all be okay. I know it will be. He’s the one I’m marrying. So no, I really don’t think online dating is wrong if you know the person is who they say they are. Yes, it may bomb like others said, but at the same time, it might work out. I still get these doubts about my relationship, but deep down, I truly know it’ll work out. Hey, what’s life without taking some chances?

Answer #8

I think it is smart. I mean, get a real relationship they are so much better!

Answer #9

well of course.. lol.. they’d have to meet..

Answer #10

To many crazies in the world for that mess I’m sorry

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