What themes for baby shower?

Answer #1

Themes may reflect the traditional colors signaling the gender of the baby, bring in elements of the nursery, show the many sides of a new mother or simply be something fun or whimsical. Whatever the theme, it is important to decide whether or not you will have one and, if so, what it will be. When deciding the latter, always keep in mind what the expecting mother would like. This is the first step to take before you choose invitations, decorations, and even food.

Classic Themes: Baby Boy - Blue Baby Girl - Pink Nursery Shower Nursery Rhymes Ducky Shower Diapers & Essentials Time of Day April Shower Twinkle Little Star Winnie the Pooh Noah’s Ark Baby’s First Clothesline

Answer #2

How about do it at the mothers house, no theme, family time is all that is needed. In these hard economic times, make life simple. One less thing to argue about with your sisters and cousins.

Answer #3

my friends mom had her baby shower themed safari like a jungle but in baby it was really cute :]

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