What a baby shower

What is a baby shower

Answer #1

A baby shower party is a popular way to celebrate the future event of a child birth. Parent to be receive gifts for their newborn or expected child in the USA. The party is intended to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes. This is well-known tradition in the United States. In other countries and cultures expectant mothers and impending births are celebrated in various ways.


Answer #2

Its awesome party that the pregnant mom to be best friend throws for the soon to be new mom. Some of them even have the dads attend. But a lot of them just choose the femals where the friends come over and surprise the new mom with baby gifts and pig out on snacks and talk about there deliveries and kids.hy also play games.Its awesome!

Answer #3

gosh how old are you like 1y.o

Not everyone’s english and not everyone has the same culture…it’s a valid question.

A baby shower is a type of “party” which is held for a pregnant woman where all her friends and family get together (mainly only the females) and give her presents for her unborn baby.

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