The weekend?

What are you doin tonite? What about the rest of the weekend?

Answer #1

I think I’m going to clean a little bit of my room tonight Finish cleaning tomorrow so my friend can come out and spend the night Then Sunday be bored, study Japanese and practice my music

Answer #2

Tonight: watching re-runs of ghost hunters with some frends Tmrw: going to the mall Sunday: Going to the Sprague mansion in Cranston.. its a haunted mansion where the govener of cranston used to live..

Answer #3

this evening: going out to eat with my boyfriend, after making numerous repairs to the cabin’s roof and other small jobs. tomorrow: continue working on fixing the place up, go fishing, and just listen to music. sunday: sleep in and just take a break. that’s always the best thing to do on weekends, that is, when you don’t have work to do :)

Answer #4

I’m going to spend my weekend doing what I normally do…taking care of my 3 kids and of course I have some Christmas shopping to do.

Answer #5

in a minute having sum drinks with people downstairs. tommoro sleeping, doing coursework haaving a romantic night in with my baby, sunday sleeping and revising

Answer #6

I’ll be on funadvice all night - I’m stuch at my parents house because our place still has no electricity from the snow yesterday. So while my son is asleep, I’m sure I’ll be on here.

Tomorrow night were are going see SCREECH, perform at the Funny Bone! I’m so excited. Then Sunday night we have my fiance’s company Christmas party to go to.

Answer #7

tonight im gunna watch movies and sleep tomorrow going shopping anddd I dunno :P you?

Answer #8

Well, tonight, I’m going out bowling with friends.
Tomorrow, in the morning, I’m bowling in league like I do every Saturday morning, then in the afternoon, I’m going bowling again for a competitive team like I do every Saturday evening, then, after that, I’m going to my ex-step-sister’s 18th birthday party which should be a lot of tun. On Sunday, I’m going to church, then probably just home and sitting around, probably on Funadvice. Then I’m going to youth group in the evening. Then I’m back in the grind of school, except this week is exam week, so I get out at 11:40 AM at the latest! Woot!

Answer #9

tonight im going to the mall with my friend. tommarow I don’t know.

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