What to do before a weekend of sweet 16 girl bonding:)?

I turn 16 Wednesday, April 28 this year:) I am planning on a girls weekend with my three best friends and my mom. Heres the plan: The Friday after my birthday(April 30th): -Girls come over right after school -Spend the night Saturday: -Get up real early -Go to Six Flags all day -Check into our hotel later on -Go out to dinner -hotel Sunday:

  • Shop ATL all day until we head home.

Theyre coming over Friday after school and I was just wondering what yall thought we should do? Ill have my license by then (im getting it that thursday) but I cant drive anyone around for 6 months. anything is possible considering my parents are beastly and will do anything:) I live in Augusta,Georgia though.. so activites are limited to movies, restaurants, and the other typical jank. any ideas?

Answer #1

Mabey you guys can go get mani petties tho im not really into that but I guess if you wanna talk bout stuff and what not or you can do each others hair make up then go to the movies then out to eat stuff like that

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