The Urbz Sims In the City for Nintendo DS: 2 questions

Okay, I have two questions. The first is: Where is the map to Paradise Island? I’ve looked almost everywhere and I can’t find it. The second question is: Where exactly can I find the Dancing Nutria? I mean, I barely know what a nutria is. Thanx!

Answer #1

how do I get the fan boat on the urbz sims in the city for ds

Answer #2

I’ve gone down the stairs and I can’t find the boat

Answer #3

#1. You can find the Paradise Island map on the very top floor of the River Boat.

#2. To find the Dancing Nutria, you will need to go to the upper left of Sim Quarter and into Glass City. When you get inside look over to your right and go north a little, you should see a stairway going into the ground, go down and you will see a fan boat, Hop On! The fan boat is a rather slippery ride to work out, so be fast while controlling it otherwise you will never get anywhere; Go north just a little be sure not to go to Paradise Island yet. The go to your right for a while then south, and you should reach a small little island with creatures popping out of holes take the one that is dancing, and take it to Roxie.

All this can be found at

Have fun!

Answer #4

the map to paradise idland is by the steering wheel of olde saltys boat at the very top and the dancing nutria is on nutria island

Answer #5

Hey :) I went up to the top of the riverboat near the steering wheel but still I cannot find any paradise island plans :O Is theree anywheree else I could try or is it in a different place because I have looked and still cannot find it anywheree :O:Ox

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