What influences you to write poetry?

Hi every one!

Poetry is something that I have taken a shine to for some years now, I only write poetry when something influences me; it can be anything from watching two people argue to remembering the times of my past, otherwise there is no way I can write a poem.

Getting to the point, I wanted to know what influences others to write poems or is it something that comes naturally?

Answer #1

it sounds about right, you have to feel some sort of emotion in order to be able to understand enough to write about it. Poems are emotions on paper.

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Answer #3

When I feel really angry or upset about something. My poems are usually quite depressing though. I find it hard to write happy ones.

mwah xx

Answer #4

EVERYTHING simply Everything Life is self is a poem in the hands of a poet…there is nothing that can not be scatched down and smiled upon. Poerty comes from the heart and when you have a heart for life then everything is a poem in it self…the journey the adventure the breath the moments everything.

Answer #5

I find it tough to write when you don’t have something inspiring you. I write both poetry and lyrics quite a bit and if I’m not inspired by something I could very well just sit there and scribble down nonsense. But if I remember something vividly or something happens that grabs my attention & affects my life (in a positive or negative way), I usually can write more verses than I allow to be in the final draft. The difference; I’ve written entire songs music and lyrics in less than an hour about issues I really feel about. Other times I’d want to write for no reason & it comes out half written or worse, like crap! Which will end up in the trash eventually. The best stuff takes the least amount of time, cause it just flows. Go Figure!

I say: Live life & write poetry as it comes.

Answer #6

when I write a poem, I mean one that’s real nice is after I sign on to here funadvice. reality is the answer to the question you stated and I type off the top, and then I re-state-it. It’s A freestyle to me, emcees sometimes do and what influenced me was people like you. See I just asked A question and the answer was good, I didn’t no what to do, and now have A clue. It was A big deal that it was answered tonight, because otherwise I’d be worrying tossin all night. So with this I will stop I just learned me a lesson, everyone’s laughing@ me for this 30 second message.

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Answer #8

My past and present experiences, as well as observations of the world. Like, I once saw a lady beat the living sh…t out of her daughter in walmart. the kid was like 3 years old. so I wrote about it. I think maybe I should have told somebody, but I was really young and I got scared she would get me too.

Answer #9

I love poems! I get inspired to write when I have sudde emotions come up, or after something poignant or emotional happen. Other times, I get annoyed at people’s behavior and I write about how they’re heding for destruction emotionally. Poetry is personal, so write about anything!

Answer #10

when I write poetry I just go somewhere else like when you do something you love your in your own little state thats how I am and its beautiful it flows and sometimes it comes out to be a Mona Lisa

Answer #11

anythin can. life experiences things uv read, heard, thot of, saw. I use everyting. it kinda just comes to me. its like when you cnt get a song outa your head only this time its your song

Answer #12

Everything that I experience as a human being. Anything to do with heights is usually the best medicine because of how free it makes you feel.

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