the hole in my eyebrow

so I got my eyebrow periced three days ago but I had to take it out cause of infection and the whole snt closing its just healing around the sides how do I fix it??

Answer #1

I had to take my old one out. Because of school. After a while, it will heal, but you’ll be able to see the holes, After more time, the holes will fade, but if you look closely, you will still be able to see them. I got mine re-done though, so you cant see the holes now unless I take it out, problem solved ;D

Answer #2

It may not fully close up or it may take a little extra time because of the infection. But chances are the scar will fade more and more over time so it’s not like it’ll be a horrifying/noticable scar.

Answer #3

The hole will never fully heal, and you will have a scar - the perks to getting a piercing.

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