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The Devil Toilet

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I have a toilet upstairs, and it's driving me C-R-A-Z-Y. Before now, I didn't notice anything wrong with the toilet before, except for the regular toilet problems: low water, a double-flush. The first thing that went wrong was hard NOT to ignore. The toilet hadn't had any problems lately, but when I flushed, it started making this LOUD sound. It sounded like someone was drilling the wall on the outside with a jackhammer! My mom came upstairs, and she turned this little knob on one of the pipes connected to the toilet, and it stopped making the noise. After that, it took at least two flushes to get "everything" down, every single time I used it. Now, I can hear the water dripping out of the bowl, and after a while the water level in the bowl is extremely low. Does anyone know what's happening??