thc to test in 24 hours

ok I need some help here. I have to test in 24 hours for thc for probation im freaking out.. I tried taking 20 niacin pills and tried home test failed. tried 3 day water diet 2 gallons a day failed. took stat pills from gnc failed. help! I smoke daily for sure bout a quarter any one got advice? TODAY IS MONDAY I HAVENT SMOKED SINCE FRI NIGHT I dont have much time lol

Answer #1

goodluck I’m on probation also… CIRTO its a powdered substance that makes jello you take it right before your piss test just remember the better the weed the longer it takes to flush the system and nyocen messes you up

Answer #2

Sorry. Someone else may have a method. I wish you luck.

But whatever happens, it may be time to face the fact that you are addicted to pot. And you are addicted, as you are continuing to use in the face of significant negative consequences.

Answer #3

I dont really think you can get pot out of your system. once it is in your body, it will be in there 4 a month. if you werent stupid then you would stop being addicted and stop smokin. I was addicted to it and smoked about 3 bowls a day to myself and I stopped. I feel a lot better not going crazy over something like this.

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