Do you think the friend was lying?

Marie (who is skinny) works in a customer service capacity. Yvette (a customer) was sitting on a chair and Marie went over to see what Yvette needed. Yvette was sitting and Marie was standing. Yvette was wearing glasses.

Yvette: “Marie did you gain weight” Marie was stunned and upset. Yvette: “Oh wait a minute I am wearing my old glasses. These glasses are my old prescription and they magnify everything and they distort everything” Marie: “Take them off and see if you see any different.” (Yvette took the glasses off and looked at Marie again) Yvette: “I meant to wear my new prescription. The ones I have on are magnified and they make everything look big. I was wondering why all the buildings and everything I saw looked bigger.” Marie: “Oh - how do I look now that you are not wearing your glasses” Yvette: “NO you didn’t gain weight and I can see that you are still skinny, small”

Later that night Marie told a friend the story. The friend said “(1) The only reason that Yvette thought you gained weight is because she was wearing her old prescription and they magnified everything (2) yes you can accept she does not think you gained weight and (3) she thinks you are skinny”

My question: Do you agree with the friend - give details?

Answer #1



Answer #2

lol, stacy, I had nothing against you in the first place… I was simply stating my opinion about your friends…

but ok… friends…

Answer #3

Good I am glad we are friends. . I think our age difference we think differently. I should have realized that from the beginning.

Again have a great nite friend

Answer #4

Marie weighs 110 pounds soaking wet. ANother coworker told Marie needs to gain weight.

Just out of curiosity how old are you Ty

Answer #5

and I believe Yvette was lying about that… I believe she was simply backtracking because she didnt want to make Marie feel bad…

Answer #6

OK: When Yvette took her glasses off she said the following: “I was wondering why all the buildings and everything I saw looked bigger”

Answer #7

You asked for opinions, if you want people to simply agree with you then you’re on the wrong site…

As for people can walk around with the wrong prescription - I wear glasses, it takes about 2 seconds for me to realize if I’m wearing the wrong glasses…

Answer #8

yes, your friend was lying. she was trying to spare your feelings. she probably realized that you are ultra sensitive when it comes to weight and she was trying to “cover” her blunder. the magnification of glasses would not make a person look as if they had gained weight.

Answer #9

I can’t believe this question got so much attention. First of all, it read like a multiple choice question in an I.Q. test. It makes no sense to me (it’s just so long I guess) but, even if it does make sense, who cares? Apparently 3 of you. Sorry, funadvice but real people don’t get this many replies about nothing. Have a nice evening. =^u^=

Answer #10

Ty you still did not answe my question - how old are you

Answer #11

to ty: how come andyburton read the story correctly

Answer #12

that is ok. Lets start over. Friends.

Answer #13

oh sorry, didnt mean to ignore it, I’m 21

Answer #14

:) explain what I am reading wrong?

Answer #15

Ty: YOu still are not reading it right.

Answer #16

to amoeba you are totally wrong. I think you should get your facts straight. Everyone is always telling Marie to gain weight that she extremely underweight. And Yevette is not the type to lie

Answer #17

to ty you are wrong. Any person can grab the wrong glasses and put them on and walk around with them not realizing they are the wrong prescription. Read the building part

Answer #18

No I think Yvette lied, she couldnt have suddenly realized she was wearing her old glasses… she probably realized she shouldnt have said Marie gained weight even if she did see it and so she backtracked and lied and said she was wearing her old glasses…

Answer #19

if you think that marie is skinny, then why are you asking this question?

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