Will i pass my urine test today?

I drank about 8 beers last night and have to take a urine by 5 pm today do you think I will be ok

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I've always thought that the urine tests only detected drugs not alcohol, I know that the hair samples detect alcohol. but with drinking water you'll pass anyway..

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Of course, alcohol pass through the system fairly quickly. Drink lots of water, juice, and maybe do some exercise to make sure your body has fully metabolised (digested) the alcohol and you should be fine.

How to pass a urine test?

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does drinkin mickeys mault liquer in water in vinguar help you pass a urine test

Pass a urine test
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yes alchol is usually done by urine testing
it can stay in your system up to 24 hours

What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?

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