How to not get tempted by fatty foods?

Answer #1

If you only have healthy stuff in the house and don’t eat out, then its a lot easier to avoid them than if you have a bag of chips and twinkies sitting in the cupboard whispering eat me, eat me…

Answer #2

Besides not having fat stuff around, self talk helps ….. you can convince yourself that you don’t like chips and twinkies, by repeating it to yourself every single time you see them…..literally say to self “we don’t don’t like those”…..Eventually, you won’t feel compelled to eat any.


Answer #3

Put a banana in the fridge for 3 hours pull it out and eat it,a tasty snack that fills you up and is good for you.

Answer #4


Answer #5

why dont you try chewing gum?? whenever you get tempted eat a pice of gum it helps me :)

Answer #6

out of site out of mind and also eat smaller healthier meals more often so you don’t get real hungry and start having those cravings

Answer #7

Never buy them. If they are not in the house, then you can’t eat them.

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