do you think within temptation copied evanesense?

and dont insult me mah frends said that. and dont go spelling patrol on meh. ok whatever just give your opinion

Answer #1

Copied, no. Drew inspiration from, of course. All bands draw inspiration from other bands and singers, we all grow up listening to music and enjoying music so its only natural to let those bands you like influence your work.

Answer #2

No - if they did, they would be getting sued.

Answer #3

I agree.

Answer #4

Personal opinion, they don’t sound alike at all. I don’t like Evanescence, but I do like Within Temptation, not my usual music, but it’s nice on occasion. Besides that fact that Within Temptation was formed in 1996, Evanescence in 1995, not really a whole lot of copy room if you ask me, especially considering that in their first years of existence Evanescence wasn’t very big. I think Within Temptation actually put out a full length earlier than Evanescence as well… But don’t quote me on that.

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