Evanescence, Flyleaf, Nightwish, or Within Temptation?

Its the question scientists have been trying to answer for centurys… and now I will answer it via funadvice =P what band is better: Evanescence, Flyleaf, Nightwish, or Within Temptation?

Answer #1

I’ve wondered this very same thing myself…and I’ve yet to find out. I would say that Flyleaf is out, because even though I like them, Lacey’s voice just isn’t on the same level as the others. and Nightwish…I like Tarja Turunen a lot better than their new singer, Anette Olzon. and I also love Within Temptation. and I have everything that Evanescence has ever done. all three women have such amazing voices and lyrics. musically, I think I like Nightwish the most. if I had to describe their music in one word, it would be “epic”. it’s just so powerful! I also like the male vocals… w00t.

Answer #2

within temptation n’ nightwish

Answer #3

so far we have 1 for flyleaf and 2 for evanescence, however one of them came from someone who cant spell “evanesence” lol

well anyway my personal vote would go to nightwish

Answer #4

Evanescence … No Comment

Answer #5

evanescence. “my immortal” is the greatest song ever made!!!

Answer #6

Evanescence, definetly. Listen to The Open Door, that should answer it for you!! BTW, I didn’t see the synyster gates standard OR custom on the websites you told me…maybe gimme a hyperlink?

Answer #7


Answer #8

yea im kindof hypper!

Answer #9

Flyleaf Totally.

Answer #10

no1 has said within temptation? that makes me sad inside!

Answer #11

Flyleaf duh

Answer #12

Personally, I enjoy Flyleaf.

Answer #13


Answer #14

ha…its between evanscence and flyleaf…50 50…cant choose

Answer #15

evanscence definetly :]

Answer #16

I’ll go with Flyleaf, because they’re local, and I got to see them perform a few times, before they blew up. Oh, and Lacy is a total sugarcube…

Answer #17

ouch that 1s hard >.<

I love them all but id have 2 say evanescence =/

Answer #18

FLYLEAF!!! 1 and only

Answer #19


Answer #20

sry that was to bmth, LOL!

Answer #21


Answer #22

flyleaf.. or no, evanescence or both

Answer #23

nightwish and within tempt. for me! sry guys but their hella more epic!

Answer #24

ha i take it back Evanescence is da best

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