How do you tell if a diamond is real?

How do you know if a diamond is real? Does it have colors?

Answer #1

well a diamond can cut through anything it is the hardest resource that there is!!! But you can try with the reflection of a white light

Answer #2

You can use a U.V. test a.k.a black light. A high persent of diamonds glow blue when put under a black light, a positive identification of medium to strong blue would tell you that you have a real diamond.

Answer #3

A dimond that is real will cut glass , if not its not real , a dimond is strong enough to cut another dimond

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Answer #4

Real diamonds will only reflect white light, NOT COLOURS and they will not scratch.

Answer #5

You should throw it on the ground and if it brake its fake it doesn’t its real and yes,diamonds do have colors.

Answer #6

Real diamonds CAN and DO reflect colors, not just white/grey light. However, the only diamonds that will do this are colorless diamonds (grades D, E, and maybe an F) that have perfect cuts. Round perfect cuts with a colorless grade will produce more color than any other cut.

Reflection of color is what is known as fire. Reflection of white light is known as brilliance. Fire is more expensive and far more rare than brilliance. Therefore, most diamonds reflect only white light, hence the common idea that if a diamond reflects color, it is fake.

Because of this, determining whether a diamond is fake based on if it reflects color is not completely accurate. However, if someone is wearing a stone that reflects color but it is apparent that their financial situation does not support the idea of them owning a fire-producing stone, it is probably fake.

But the best way to determine if a diamond is real or fake is by fogging it up, like you would a mirror. Real diamonds reflect heat very rapidly. If the stone stays fogged up for 4 or more seconds, it is most likely fake.

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