Bed Room

I want to paint my room, and decorate the walls. Whats should I do?

Answer #1

Paint the room, and decorate the walls, like you have said you want to.

Answer #2

be you make it like you dress and make it just like your personality

Answer #3

You might go to the paint section in the store and put those color tabs beside each other and see what you like - Happy decorating !!

Answer #4

what else is fun is going to lots of paint stores and taking a bunch of those color tabs and taping them to your wall. you can make pictures and stuff with them.

Answer #5

a light greenish blue color :]]] or you could splatter paint your walls, like mine :]] OH OH OH!! Or zebra :] or like yellow and purple. or yellow an black, like the caution tape stufff :D I lovvve my ideas ;] hope I helpeddd!

Answer #6

paint the walls grean blue and hang up a picture with the same accent colors…or paint the walls black lol but that would be a little to dark

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