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why is the breast nipples dark in color?

Answer #1

Okay, I’ll totally improvise on this but my improvisation is based on actual background knowledge in science, so I guess that should be the answer. Yeah, the nipples are made of a different tissue which is not really skin, it’s a lot more sensitive and easily irritated, and burns more easily in the sun. Darker color = more pigment, and the role of pigment is to protect you from the rays of the sun. So for the extra-sensitive area there’s an extra dose of protective pigment - sort of like natural sunscreen. Evolution-wise that’s how it evolved because people used to walk naked in the sun :) Makes sense, no? I’m almost willing to bet on it, hehe.

Answer #2

I guess not everyone’s breast is Dark in colour .. come people actually have lighter colour… I guess it’s a way for you to differenciate from normal skin teksture ( I am not really good at Scientific explaination so I’ll use the Layman’s terms) …. and if you haven’t noticed your breast (nipple) actually is much more sensitive compared to other parts of the skin around it. Anyway I am too sleepy I appologise if i made any mistakes. cheers.

Answer #3

OKay nipples get darker after children not lighter. Trust me.

Answer #4

The colour of your areola (the area around the nipple) will become lighter after you have a child.

Answer #5

cuz they suppose 2

Answer #6

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