can teens get breast cancer?

I’m 15 and i have this white discharge coming out of my nipples. It’s not liquidy or anything, but i can see it, it sort of just stays there..And i have had it since around 2 years ago’s been worrying me but i don’t know if i should go to the doctor because i already went once and she said she’d take a blood test and see if anything was wrong with it..and it came back normal so she said not to worry..but it hasn’t stopped. Please answer this for me!

Answer #1

Yes, teens can get breast cancer. but i highly doubt you have it, especially if a test came back negative. it could just be a lactation from a hormone imbalance. I wouldn’t get worried if you’ve been tested. Like i said, teens = hormones squared. best of luck

Answer #2

It is possible, but it is rare. See your doctor, and ask them to check.

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