Why do you think teenagers have a need to rebel?

and who do you think they are rebelling against?

Answer #1

I don’t really think that we actually think of it as rebelling. There’s several reasons for different people. Some do it to be cool, some use it as a escape, maybe some get a thrill out of it or some do it for fun.

Answer #2

I think most teenagers do it so they can get a good name for themselves. Like adults don’t care as much of what other people think of them. But, usually as a teen times are rough and you need support or people to notice you. So in order to catch every ones eye you go out and play the Bad ass role and others think it’s cool which would most likely make you feel as if being bad is the only way to get attention. That’s just my opinion on it though :)

Answer #3

It is a psychological thing. Teens don’t “rebel” as how people put it. Teens however do try to “find themselves”. With a fully undeveloped brain decision making is hard and that is where the “rebellious” phase comes to play. This is also why drinking laws in the US are age 21 and no longer 18 because scientists found more problems in the brain with an 18 year old drinker than that of a 21 year old who just started.

Answer #4

Its common knowledge that teenagers seem to believe that the world revolves around themselves, and they never put themselves in someone elses shoes, and dont want to hear differently. Things parents may say go right through one ear and out the other, while music seems to get in just fine. Which shows that teenagers want to be independent, but just arent ready yet. There is a reckoning that hasnt happened yet. And that is (to me), the need for companionship. Teenagers (and mainly men i guess), havent fully understood that they cant do ‘life’ on their own, they need help. Whether its family support, or a wife, or what, they are stuck in a hormonally challenged state where things seem like they are coming at them 100 miles an hour. I look at my dad and his siblings and how they interact with my grandparents, and its a much healthier relationship than i still have with my parents. Ive just recently become independent, and I couldnt live without my parents. However, while i was in high school, i wouldve told you differently.

Answer #5

Teens are at the awkward age where they are no longer children but not yet adults. They are sexually mature and more hormones course through their veins than any time in their life and they experience new urges and emotions. They are old enough to see their parents faults but are still developing their own world view. After years of their lives being molded by their parents they begin to have more freedom and yearn to establish their own identity beyond that of being their parents child. Rebellion is part of the process of growing up. Kids drift away from their parents to create their own identity then later (hopefully) reconnect with their parents more as equals.

Answer #6

Growing up and realization they are individuals, forming opinions, likes & dislikes and the whole decision making process, without life’s experiences is hard. Teens think they have and know the answers because everything they see is in black and white. It takes time to reveal all the shades of gray they haven’t encountered yet. Hence the saying…OMG I’ve become my mother….LOL

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