Techno,Trance,Electro,House Music(:

Who likes techno,Trancee,ect. ? Do you rave? lmao… just curious in how many people do!:D

Answer #1

old school is the best dance music…

I still have thousands of sets from the gd old days: classic micky finn, groverider, carl cox etc etc

Answer #2

you were at skylab??

Answer #3

lol…yeppp skylabb wuss the freakin awsum!haha.I love it!ha ima bigo raver haha(:..anybody want to rave it with me hit me up:P

Answer #4

loveee techno trance electronica house anything that has sick beats to it ..I dont rave tho because where I live what we call “ guidos” think their hot sh*t and that they can rave all nite while tha truth is their just posers so I dont wanna b in tha middle of that so that’s why I dont rave .. sry to bore you wit tha long explaination lol

Answer #5

did you see me hahahahaha???

Answer #6


Answer #7

me, me , and ME(: just went to SKYLAB this weekend!

Answer #8

Trance all de way !!:)

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