How much tea is good for you to drink?

how much cuppa tea is goood for the body ?

Answer #1

what does green tea taste like?

Answer #2

I drink orange juice water milk apple juice hot choclate

Answer #3

green tea is good for you body. it has lots of antioxodents in it and it makes you not get very sick all the time

Answer #4

I like cuppas teas a lot and I have about 5 a day

Answer #5

for me its one cup every morning

just plain hot water and a little sugar (no milk) … to me thats the best way to drink tea

Answer #6

you can get lot green tea’s mint, orange… ow and I agree with Saucybaby lol strng tea is good I like leaving the tea bag in there for a while and a little bit of milk. Ow and I drink about 5 cups to so I think we are safe :D

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