Taylor Lautner

Do you think taylor Lautner is HOT !!!

Answer #1

How old is he again?

Answer #2

taylor lautner is a guy 91jchevy87ec! yess he is verrryy hott. yummmy!

Answer #3

No he sure as hell isn’t lmao.


Answer #4

Never heard of her…

Answer #5

YES HE IS!!! luv him!! mmm

Answer #6

good question, i think he’s like 18

Answer #7

personally, i dont think he’s all that. all i’ve got to say for him is that he’s got great hair, a great body in the movie… and very bad acting skills in both movies. still, he wasn’t the only bad actor there. (seriously, shark boy and lava girl was one of the worst movies i had ever seen. it was horrid)

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