How would you rate the pain of getting a tattoo?

How would you rate the pain of getting a tattoo? 10 it hurts 1 it doesnt hurt

Answer #1

Around a 2-3 I guess. Depends on where you get it really…

Answer #2

I have two tatts one on my neck and one on my wrist and neither hurt it feels kinda like your drawing hard on your skin with a pencil but its nothing no big at all : )

Answer #3

hmm, I think it depends on the location on where you are getting it…for me, it didnt hurt as much as I thought, … The outlining was the worse, after that, it was just “annoying” lol

Answer #4

as people has said it pretty much depends were your getting it done I have 1 on my neck and I’d rate that as a 0.5 for pain, just annoying rather than painfull but suppose people have different pain thresholds also from my mates that are tattoo’d I’ve been told if your skinny and it hits the bones it can be a little more painful and uncomfortable

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