How to get a tattoo at 13?

I relay want a tattoo of a bike chain around my upper arm I am 13 do I need my parents to sign papers or can I just go down and get it done on my one and how could I convince my parents in to letting me get it done also how do you make your one tattoo gun I am also kinda thinking of doing my one on my hand saying 5.13b its a climbing thing

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You shouldn't do it by yourself, that's for sure.

Just ask your parents, even try to appeal them. (Like I'm 13 and I convinced them them to let me have a lip piercing at 15 1/2)

You need a guardian/ parent permission, and they will do it if you get to the right place.

My friend is 14, and she has 5 different tattoos of anime symbols- with her parent's permission

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As predicted, no matter what advice we give.. you say you're going to do it anyway.

Let me just give you a few last words about it, alright? As an artist, I really appreciate tattoos. I love them. I don't think they're gross, or wrong, whatever. I think that with some tasteful decisions, they can be really great for a lot of people. My appointment for mine is in less than a month. But let me tell you... DO NOT do it yourself. One of my best guy friends tried the "making the gun yourself" or "do it yourself" thing and he regrets it more than anything. He's even an aspiring tat artist and already knows a lot. However, the tattoo he tried to do looks absolutely terrible now, and it's only been 3 years since he did it.

Please, don't make a decision you WILL regret. I guaranteee you, if you wait.. a few years from now you'll look back and laugh your a-s-s off at yourself. Even if you found a way to get a professional to do it, you'll still regret it. You DON'T want a guy who is "learning to do tats" to give you one. Ugh, I wish I could find the right words to convince you not to do it. Oh well.

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kid, you can't even spell, I dont think you're ready for a tat. you dont relay want one, you REALLY want one. And you dont make your one, you make your OWN. LOL

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your only in your first year of being a teenager, it doesnt seem to matter what people say on this you seem pretty set but look how many people think its a bad idea. im 23 so I have ten years on you , got my first tattoo at 18 which was a peice on my back that is the length of my spine, was very costy but worth it and im pleased I waited untill I was legal and sure- because the poeple inking you at 13 will most likely take the mickey out of you and not do the best job they can if they are that poor an artis to break the law
you will in a few years be very annoyed because youl regret not taking advice.
trust me, im heavily tattood (in nice places and in an artistic way, not barb wire like pamela enderson)

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I can take the pain and I relay don't care what people think about it being grose or bad I was not asking for opinions on that but I will figure out a way to get one I think a guy I work with is learning how to do tats so I will give him a try

thanks kala-boo, sarahhh, overit, and gmilyty for giving real answers and not opinions or things saying think what jesus would say

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Well I can say you don't have 2 be 18 2 get a tat..but I would say 13 is alil 2 young and if a tatto place did do your tatto without your parents they can get in trouble...but anybody under 18 will need a gurdian

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You're 13. First of all, it's illegal and NO you can't get it done, even with parent's consent. That's a misdemeanor, and any LEGIT tattoo shop won't dare tattoo someone under 18. Think about it... you have so much growing to do. That bike chain is going to look awful by the time you're grown up. Wait a few more years.

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Sorry, can't be have to be 18. Awe its ok though. I wanted one at 16 but waited and you know..LOL..I still don't have one. Just wait, maybe by the time you are of age you may want something different. listen to jesusbabyy.. try getting a date lol.

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They won't let you even if your parents say yes. Its because your not fully done growing and if they give you a tattoo it will strech when you grow. 16 is the age to get it if your a girl because your pretty much done growing for guys its 18

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To me I dont think they will let you. Too young. And I know 100% that they wont let you on your own. Why I think that is because I wanted to get my ear periced and guess what! They said you have to be 16 or have a parent with you. And I'm 13:)

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well I think tatoos are gross.
but if you really want one.
even if its illegal they will most likely let you get it with your parents there..
but honesty,
40 years from now your 53 years old,
got some wrinkles and a big brown thing on your arm
oh waittt thats a bike chain.
sorryyy lol
ya thats what people would think.
and another thing if I saw a 13 year old kid walkin around my school I would think they were in like a gang or something scary like that.
try getting a date like that lol.

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u can get 1 but you have 2 have a parent or gardian w/ u. (I wouldnt get 1.. after a while they look like DIRT!)

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Tattoo's hurt! You don't want a tattoo! Did I mention that tattoo's are painful things! Don't do it!!! Not th

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the doc thinks I will stop growing soon so I don't know.

any advice on ways to do it my own

guitar string and bic. pen?

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dont even think of getting a tattoo. is that how you spell it

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In order to get a tattoo you have to be 18 years old or have your parents' permission. They need to go with you to the tattoo parlor to sign permission forms.

Any place that does it without your parents' permission can get in huge trouble and be fined a large amount of money. They won't want to risk it.

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