tattoo am I too small to get one at 13?

I want to get an angel tattoo on my I too small to get a tattoo.I m 13.

Answer #1

you should wait (duh)

but I would suggest buying some henna. its an all natural, non-permanent way to have a tattoo at any age, and it looks really cool! sometimes I even see henna kits in bookstores

hope I helped!

Answer #2

im 14 and my mom and two sister are all going to get a tattoo when I turn 15 (family friend) but im really scared too. I think I might wait until I really want it. or till I fnd a tatoo with purpose. wait a few years and then think about getting a tattoo. just dont get a big obvious one, for work resons. :)

Answer #3

make sure you really want it get a fake tat and wear it see how you react to it and how others react I thought I wanted this tat and I almost got it good thing I didnt

Answer #4

just dont get one they are discusting and when you get older your tatto will only look like a big blob of a mess, trust me, seen it before

Answer #5

Yeah,you can;t get a tattoo untill your AT LEAST 16,and even then,you need a paent consent. The age at most people legally get it done is 18.

Answer #6

if you really want one get it .. just wait until you can

Answer #7


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