Tanning does baby oil work?

Does the whole baby oil thing really work? I'm really pale. I like my pale skin, but I think it would be nice to have like the summer "glow" of a slightly tan look. Does anyone have any suggestions? The whole mystic tan crap or w/e...don't even suggest it please. That stuff is awful.

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yes it works
but it does burn you if your not careful I'd get tanning oil with a low spf. cause believe me you'd rather be pail then get skin cancer and wrinkles haha

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fake and bake girl fake and bake. just kidding. baby oil does work but it also makes you burn faster!!! my step dad did that when he was like 20. now he has scars all over his back from sun burn!!! so it works just 4 the love of god dont fall asleep!!!

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Yes it does work,, I've been using it for a while.. but make sure you use sun screan and then use the baby oil =) Trust me it works.. =)

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use a light spf and lay outside and tan

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Hahahahaha. I did that once, but I didn't have any sunscreen on, ouch. Thank you!

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Baby oil isn't completely dangerous, as long as it isn't used on it's own. I find that if you mix it with a sun cream, it provides a protective tan speeding lotion. Been using it for years, mixed with factor 30 lotion, and haven't suffered any sunburn or peeling. The grease attracts the sun, but the SPF suncream helps to protect from burning and damage. Simple and logical and provides a great tan quickly.

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If you don't use sun block you could get melanoma. My friends dad just died of melanoma (skin cancer). He must have gotten sun burned when he was younger. Now my friend and her family are suffering. Having a "glow" is not worth getting skin cancer. Instead, either:

1) spend time in the sun and still use a lot of sun screen (I got tan like that)


2) in most pharmacies they sell tons of stuff to make you tanner without having to go in the sun. If you rub it in well and let it stay for a few hours, it wont come off.

Good luck with your tan, make sure to wear tons of white to show it off!

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baby oil does work and I use it alll the time. lol. just make sure you dont stay outside very long like I did because you get really tann or really burned. the oil attracts the sun soo I personally say you shouldnt use it at like 12 when the sun is veryy hot unless you were only stayingg out for soo long.

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