When i peel does it take away the tan

Im a redhead and when I peel does it take away the tan

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First you burn.

Then you peel.

Then you tan.

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no, when you peel, you usually gain a tan, if im not mistaken... lol. I dont think that peeling skin has anything to do with your tan, actually. ^_^

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ewww why do you peel your skin???
just to get a tan!!
why dont you just spray tan
and dont tell me you look like those discusting girls
that think that their tan but their really burn red

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hmmm well I go red the first 2-3times I tan then after when I develop a little bit of a tan it just goes darker and darker!

and yes this year I did peel myself and it does take the tan away, also shaving and scrubbing your body takes your tan away.. TRUST ME!! I AM A TAN-A-HOLIC!!!

HATE FAKE TAN!!! why be fake when you can get it natural

fake tan can look orange and when it starts coming of it goes patchy!!

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I have red hair too, and I burn super easily. When your skin starts to peel, that's a sign that your skin is burnt. It's really unhealthy to do this often, and can lead to skin cancer. Poeple who tan and burn a lot tend to get skin cancer later in life. If you really want to tan, just use spray on tan, or use lots of sunscreen.

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no, you just burnt your skin so much that it died and peeled off
it wont change any of the damage that the sun exposure or the tanning bed did
because they both cause skin cancer
and prematurely age your skin and face

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no it does. I look like I have a disease because I have spots all over me. my tan keeps peeling away its gross. im just evening it out at my tanning salon

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