Get rid of peeling but stay tan

Ok I got sun burn and after red went away I had a pefect tan but now iam peeling and my pigment going with it how do I get rid peeling but keep tan?

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hopefully you know it doesnt take my sun burns to greatly increase your risk of getting skin cancer
if you dont, you do now
the only safe tan is a fke tan
even solariums and sunbeds contribute to skin cancer
go buy a bottle of fake tan
because the sun and sunbeds not only contribute to skin cancer, but also prematurely age your skin and face

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If you get a sunburn all over the front of your body and your name is anna marie jordan and you live a 61 maple ave then to treat your sunburn you should go over christopher wade cerasuolo's home (but make sure no one else is home)and take off all of your clothing and trust me he will make it better =]

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I want to know the same thing! I went tanning and I have huge patches on my back of almost cuts, it seems like. It's raw skin and it's peeling only on those areas and I had a huge blister on my butt, and I had to pop it.

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When you first get a sunburn, plug your nose, bite your lip, (because it is going to sting) and put apple cider vinegar on the sunburn for at least half an hour before you wash it off.

Laying down with a lightweight material soaked in the AC vinegar on the burn works well, but you can also just slap it on like any other type lotion. (overnight is best)

It will sting when you put it on a fresh sunburn, but it will also stop the sunburn from constantly hurting over the next few days like it normally would.

It also either completely stops the skin from peeling off or will drastically minimize amount of lost skin if the sunburn is extremely severe.

My daughter just turned 19 and has always had a tan that others have envied, and she is always the first one around town to have a natural tan, but she has this down to an art form.

We have been using AC vinegar for so many years, I don't remember for sure why it works, but think it has to do with fact that whatever it is made from, is same stuff that nourishes and heals the skin. You can also sooth and nourish fresh sunburns with over the counter Milk of Magnesia.

This works, but will need to be repeated to keep the soreness away permanently. If you are already peeling, the damage has already been done so the best thing you can do is to keep the area very moisturized with some type of lotion. Anything with Aloe Vera in it is a good thing to be using.

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first to prevent peeling is to put lotion or mousturizer and second, you cant keep a tan unless you dont peel

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da riz.. you have more then sun burn go 2 the dr @ the very least dont tan 4 a few days I know it sucks because you prob have a packet but your going to make your self scar if you dont already have sun poison you soon will if you dont take a break. I wont give you the dont tan its bad 4 you bull crap because I also tan and enjoy it but after years of tanning I learned when you burn and keep going it makes it worst if you dont get sick your going to peel so save your left over tans for after the damaged layers come off because your going to lose any color you have... when starting aster awhile every 1 wants 2 tan 4 the max but starting at 6 or 7 mins for good beds and work up to 10 over a few days and if you stay 2 get red take a day off .. girl I been there it sucks but I wish you the best and howe it turns out ok for you! thanks I feel better about the lil but of peelin patch I have..

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