Legs are really white and I need them to get tanner

Okay my legs are really white and I need them to get tanner any help that can work in an hour or something

Answer #1

Don’t worry about it. The sun can cause cancer too.Just be as you are. I am, and if people don’t like it, well… you know what they can do.

Answer #2

Hun, it’s callled sun!!!

Spay tans and know to turn your skin orange.

And tanning-beds cause cancer.

you your best bet is the big yellow thing in the sky.

Answer #3

go out in the sun wearing shorts or lay out on your back porch and tan. you could go to the tanning bed but it’s an easy way to get burned and it takes multiple visits to start getting color.

Answer #4

tanning beds are klnown to cause cancer. and just 5 goes will increase you risk greatly. those things are dangerouse so dont use a tanning bed or salon. go with the spray on tan

Answer #5

yeah; tanning bed’s do cause cancer; but weed cures it ;] haha.


but seriously; its less likely too get cancer from a tanning bed if you lay in it like twice a week. but hey I think of it this way; I gotta die some way; so ill learn from my mistakes; & I lay in it everyday.

Answer #6

Okay, don’t go to tanning beds ‘cause they are very dangerous and contribute to cancer risk,etc. Instead you can use spray, or there are some creams that actually help to get you tanned over the night, they REALLY work but they are pretty expensive. You should use shorts or skirts and go to places in your home where the sun is VERY “bright, hard”, so it works in a quick way. And a VERY important tip, If you want to appear more tanned or less white, don’t use dark colours of clothes, cause that will create a lot of contrast between the clothes and your skin, so use light brown, beige, and light colours. Hope it helps!!

Answer #7

Go get a mystic spray on tan.

Answer #8

jergens natural glow moisturizer. it takes about a week to see noticeable results but it looks really natural =]

Answer #9

uh tanning bed; sun; self-tanner ? Spray Tan ?

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