Tank tops at school when it's hot out

Ok, this is mainly for the girls . well today at school I was wearing a tank top because it was like 80 degrees outside, and I got in trouble for it! Do you think we should be able to wear tanks at school when its hot outside?

Answer #1

The problem for the school is that if they don’t have a hard and fast rule. there is ALWAYS somebody who tries to push the rule and then screams that they are being singled out. Or what ‘stripperslut1234’ thinks is modest (because you can’t actually SEE any naughty bits) doesn’t match anyone else’s idea. So school officials just say - No tank tops. Period. It’s too bad, but that’s the human condition. And it doesn’t get better as you get older. There are policies in place where I work that are there because a few people try and play fast and loose with common sense rules and the company gets tired of arguing so they say “NO” to all variations.

Answer #2

yeah, I agree. it should be a modest tanktop. you know, not too low or short. I agree mostly.

Answer #3

well I go to a school where I dont have a uniform. so I can whewre watever I want…lol

Answer #4

as long as it’s not revealing, yeah you should.

Answer #5

I think we should be able to. I mean they aren’t normally ‘revealing’.

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