Can a tampon break off inside you?

can a piece of a tampon break off inside of you but the rest off it come out? I am not saying that this happened but about a month ago I started using tampons and it hurt so damn bad oh my god but it still hurts down there and I was just wondering if a piece can break off in you cause I took it out but like it was not in there all the way and the tampon didn't look any different it was only in for 2 hours and I put another one after I took it out but had to take it out to cause it hurt a lot and I hate them so I went back to pads. but I still wanted to know if a piece of it could get break off while inside you but the rest off it come off and it looked the same as it did when I put it in so I don't know.

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This actually just happened to me a couple hours ago. I usually use the really small OB tampons, but I began using big applicator ones. It was hard to pull out, and about a third of it is stuck up there. I think I feel it?? I don't know what to do!! I have a baby and breastfeed and I don't want to get toxic shock syndrome (if that could affect her anyway...)

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This just happened to me last night. When I took it out, it didn't hurt at all, but the top part was missing. It looked like the end had been cut off. I can't feel it in me. I also felt inside and so did my husband and neither of us could feel it. I emailed my gyno today and told her. So I'm just waiting to hear back from her.

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I can almost guarantee you 100% it hurt you because it wasn't in far enough. As "harley" said, you also may be using the wrong size. Don't use the big ones if you have a light flow. Pretty straight forward, if you still feel like you're not doing it right, ask your mom or another woman who is like a mom to you. Oh, and tampons don't break off!!

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I've been using tampons for over 30 years and none have ever broken off, but if you use the wrong size towards the end of your period, they can leave some residue of the cotton wool that they are made of. But these pieces are so small and will come out and nothing to worry about. Just make sure that as your period lightens up you use smaller sizes. But the tampon will never break off. If the tampon hurt then you hadn't inserted it in far enough. You may need a smaller size tampon like regular or mini.

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yea, this happened to me was kinda hard to pull out, but that happens when my flow is light, and i already use the regular tampons so i was like whatever, but then i looked at it, and it looked like a piece of the tip was missing...and i was like wtf?? thats never happened before...i dont wanna get TSS or aynthing...but i dunno if i should go to the doctor or not...ughguhguh!!! i hate periods!

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so this sounds like it happens alot. happened to me too, I figure if it was small enough it will just dissolve? I hope so. I don't want it to screw up my insides and not allow me to have kids...frig girls we just freak out about everything!

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what if I didn't notice that the small peice came out? Would it just dissolve? I am worried, my boyfirned and I were getting physical and then it just hurt way more then normal down there. I don't want it to screw up our love life

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Yay, I got some advice! I think mine just dissolved or maybe it never broke off and it was only hurting because of the placebo effect... I went to the ER because it was late (yeah, I know, extreme, but then again, I was freaking out :) The doctor got all up inside me, and after totally invading my space for longer than my comfort level is, he said there was nothing up there. Oh man did I feel stupid! So basically, I would advise to stick with organic, chlorine-free tampons just in case they break off and get stuck up there for an extended period. And I'm pretty sure they would dissolve better if they are all-natural as well. Good luck ladies!

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Good advice. No more than you need! I know I always try to be prepared and I'll use a super instead of regular because I don't want to deal with it too much during the day!

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Yes it can. This just happened to me. I had to get a pap and the doctor removed a small piece of tampon that broke off and was still inside me. It had been there about two weeks. I don't think this is common but it can happen and has.

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