what do you do when somebody talk to you with a foreign accent?

i was with my dentist and sometimes is difficult to understand him because he has a strong russian accent and he call somebody to translate me in spanish, the funny thing is i know what is saying in english, and then i have to hear the translation, when i know what is talking about already, but if he is happy with that, no problem lol.Do you have problems to understand people with european accents.

Answer #1

Sometimes, but I’m not afraid to assert myself and ask for clarification - usually, most heavily accented people know that a lot of people can’t understand them.

Answer #2

just ask him to repeat what he said slower because you cant understand :)

Answer #3

yes and i just say ‘what?’

Answer #4

I understand a brittish accent and an american but other tan that i cant understand.

Answer #5

i just nod and smile and act like i know what they are talking about or even if u cant understand them u will know wen they say somthing funny so i just laugh or just politely ask them to repeat but its kindof embarrassing wen u have to do it over again.

Answer #6

just talk to them?

or.. ask a dumb question ¬_¬ I saw one the other day on a Video voiced over by a Irish guy.. one person (think they were USA) said..

“Are you speaking English?”

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