Taking Money

Last year, I got really sick and I was put in the hospital. I have a lot of hospital and doctor bills now and I am becoming overwhelmed. I can’t seem to catch up. I barely make minimum wage where I work and that’s barely enough to pay for my gas and car. Lately, I’ve been taking money from the bag at work. It’s really easy to do and I feel really bad after I do it. But my boss lets another girl take money when she needs it because she is his family. He never makes her pay it back and she doesn’t even really need it. Should I still feel bad?

Answer #1

Yes. it is stealing. You could be getting assistance from the government, but you aren’t applying for it. Pay back what you take when you can, in one lump sum, and explain what you had done, and maybe show the medical bills you’re receiving to try and get some sympathy.

Answer #2

Talk to your boss about your situation. Sam

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