Take another pregnancy test?

My lil sister been having sex and the rubber broke and my sister thinks she is pg she told me it has been almost 3 weeks and I told her to take a test and it was negative...her body has been acting weird like her stomch hurts and her head hurt her boobs got one size bigger so is she pg or is it nothing to worrie about???should we wait a couple more days to take another test

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If she is still worried, go the doctor or a clinic and get a blood test done.
Sometimes a pregnancy may not show up on the pee test. I know women who were three months pregnant and they were still getting negative pee test.

Although, you can also trick your mind into having pregnancy symptoms if you think you are. It's psychological.

To be sure, take another pee test. If it's still negative, go to a dr or clinic and get a blood test done. Better safe then sorry.

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