When should i take another pregnancy test?

okay so I had sex about 2 weeks ago.. My period should come either today or in the next two days.. I've taken a pregnancy test already but it came up negative but I believe its too early to tell.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHEN I SHOULD TAKE THE TEST??? I have most of the symptoms that come with pregnancy.. such as fatigue, nausea(but not vomiting), raised body temperature, cravings, lower back pain, tender, swollen breasts, and etc. HELP!!!

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You can take another test now. You can take most 5 days before your period. Pregnancy symptoms and pms are very similar.

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to find out if your pregnant take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had sex
(any sooner and the results won’t be accurate)
in the morning with your first pee is the best time
and take it when your period is due
alternatively, see a doctor for a blood test
this will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results

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lol, my cravings didnt hit until the 4th month, lower back pain usually once you start getting bigger because the added weight, and tender breasts usually after the first month or two, sometimes sooner on that front personal experience..
But the symptoms are never a sure way wait for your period if the date passes take a prego test and where a condom and dont assume your pregnant for now lol

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Two weeks is MUCH to early to have symptoms of pregnancy. You are having anxiety symptoms.
Take the test this week.

Next time please use a condom, or get on birth control pills. Then you won't have this problem. And the MUCH bigger problems that will arrive if you become pregnant!!!
Please, safe sex. Tell your boyfriend, "NO! Safe sex or No sex." If he won't agree, then he is not a boyfriend, he is just using you and has absolutely no feelings for you. (Although he might try lying to change your mind.)
Take care, and
Good Luck!!

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