What could painful urination and a rash be symptoms of (read more)?

Lately I’ve been having Problems…. Its been starting to burn when i pee and i don’t know why and I have like a red rash on my inner thy and it itches.

Can anybody tell me what this is? idk if Its an std cause im a virgin.

Answer #1

Well, if you’re a virgin and never had any sexual interactions then, no it won’t be an std. It could possibly be an yeast infection or an urinary track infection. Either way, go to your doctor get it checked.

Answer #2

Sounds like a Bladder infection coupled with a va.ginal infection. Most women get it sometime in their lives regardless of whether they are sexually active. You need to see a doctor.

Answer #3

painful urination signifies bladder infection. Don’t know about the red rash. Red rash maybe cause by irritation from shaving

Answer #4

urinary infection

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