what are some symptoms of thyroid cancer?

what are some symptoms of thyroid cancer?

Answer #1

1—A lump or swelling in your neck. This is the most common symptom. Pain in your neck and sometimes in your ears. Difficulty swallowing. Difficulty breathing or constant wheezing. Hoarseness that is not related to a cold. A cough that continues and is not related to a cold. Some people may not have any symptoms. Their doctors may find a lump or nodule in the neck during a routine physical exam.

Answer #2

info taken from: http:// www.endocrineweb .com/ thyroidca.html

Symptoms of thyroid cancer: Occasionally, symptoms such as hoarseness, neck pain, and enlarged lymph nodes do occur in people with thyroid cancer.. Although as much as 75 % of the population will have thyroid nodules, the vast majority are benign. That’s right, most of us have nodule in our thyroid glands! Young people usually don’t have thyroid nodules, but as we get older, more and more of us will develop a nodule. By the time we are 80, 90% of us will have at least one nodule. Far less than 1% of all thyroid nodules are malignant. A nodule which is cold on scan (shown in photo outlined in red and yellow) is more likely to be malignant, nevertheless, the majority of these are benign as well.

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