what are the symptoms of lip cancer?

can they be peeling of lip, because i peel my lip all the time, and sometimes the inner part too, i am scared to death,, is it bad to peel your lip? does it cause lip cancer?

Answer #1

lip cancer is also know as oral cancer and you can tell if u have it if there is a lump on the lip. It could be painless or painful sometimes. Sometimes bleeding of the lip can be a symptom to, u might feel it difficult to swallow or chew food cuz the nevers of the face are interconnected with the lip, you might feel severe earache. Swelleing of the jaw can be a symptom to and a change in ur voice. A red or wight patch on the gum, linning of the mouth, or tounge can be a symptom of lip cancer. Please see the doc if any of these symptoms happen to u, I REALLY HOPED I HELPED YOU :)

Answer #2

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